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Personal Statement

The Personal Statement is a critical component of medical school applications, serving as a significant determinant in the admissions process, second only to the MCAT and GPA.
  • Defining moments and personal experiences that inspired the pursuit of medicine are essential to include in the statement.
  • A common mistake is listing accomplishments, which detracts from the narrative and should be avoided.
  • The statement should highlight humanism in medicine, demonstrating empathy, teamwork, and a genuine desire to care for people.
  • A recommended format includes an introductory paragraph about oneself, followed by a significant experience that motivated the medical career choice, and how this experience has fueled ongoing commitment.
  • It's crucial to have the personal statement meticulously reviewed for errors, as grammatical mistakes can significantly undermine an application.
The Importance of the Personal Statement
Crafting Your Narrative
What to Avoid in Your Statement
Humanism in Medicine: The Core of Your Statement
Finalizing and Reviewing Your Personal Statement