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MCAT Intro

This comprehensive overview of the MCAT preparation course highlights the exam's structure, content areas, and effective study strategies, offering insights from experienced educators and successful students.
  • The MCAT, revised in 2015, is a lengthy and interdisciplinary exam administered by the AAMC, covering four main sections and offered 25 times a year.
  • Only 50% of examinees take a preparation course, giving those who do a significant advantage.
  • The exam tests knowledge in chemical and physical foundations, critical analysis and reasoning skills (CARS), biological systems, and psychological, social, and biological foundations of behavior.
  • Effective preparation includes a mix of 60% MCAT-specific resources and 40% college texts and notes, with a minimum of 250-350 hours of study.
  • Early engagement with AAMC materials, creating a study schedule, and identifying areas of weakness are crucial steps in the preparation process.
Introduction to the MCAT
Understanding the MCAT Structure
Who Takes the MCAT?
Effective Study Strategies
Next Steps in MCAT Preparation