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Dramaturgy and Impression Management

The content delves into the sociological concepts of dramaturgy, impression management, and face work, illustrating how individuals perform in social settings to manage perceptions and maintain social roles.
  • Dramaturgy is described as the act of individuals performing roles on a social stage, using props and behaviors to create desired impressions in both front stage and back stage settings.
  • Impression management involves the deliberate actions taken to influence how others perceive us, through control of expressions, use of props, and planning of interactions.
  • Face work is the effort to gain and maintain a positive social status through consistent actions and behaviors that support one's claimed identity.
  • The concepts are applied to understand human interactions and social behavior, emphasizing the importance of social roles and perceptions in daily life.
  • A sample question demonstrates how these concepts can be applied to analyze social behaviors in specific scenarios.
Understanding Dramaturgy
The Mechanics of Impression Management
Exploring Face Work