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About Magoosh MCAT Live Classes

These interactive, two-hour classes are taught by MCAT experts and have been carefully crafted to optimize your time investment. Each of our 4 strategy classes offers a deep dive into one section of the MCAT, instructing you on the most valuable strategies for pacing, approaching passages, deciphering question stems, arriving at the correct answers, and avoiding common traps. 

In addition to receiving instant feedback from MCAT pros, you’ll get the chance to see how other students approach the same questions. Sessions conclude with specific advice on how to apply and practice the techniques learned in class. There will be ample time set aside to ask questions.

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All classes require a Magoosh Live Class subscription. Once you have your Live Class subscription, you can register below.

Upcoming Classes

July 28

Deep Dive: CARS Strategy

2 hours - Magoosh Live Class subscription required

Wednesday, July 28th

10:00 AM PT | 1:00 PM ET

The most common challenges students face with the CARS section are staying focused while reading passages and misinterpreting question stems. In this class, we will offer tips to improve in both areas and walk you through practice exercises designed to build your skills. You will also be instructed on the best way to set up and effectively use an Error Log.


Aug 2

Deep Dive: Psych/Soc Strategy

2 hours - Magoosh Live Class subscription required

Monday, August 2nd

10:00 AM PT | 1:00 PM ET

All too often, students attempt to raise their psych/soc score sheerly by memorizing vocabulary words. In this class, we will teach you how to set up a robust system for taking and organizing notes that encourages you to not just memorize, but comprehend.  You’ll also learn the hallmarks of trap answer choices for this section and get hands-on practice eliminating answer choices that are clearly out of bounds. 



Deep Dive: Bio/Biochem Strategy

2 hours - Magoosh Live Class subscription required

Date: TBD

Time: TBD

The bio/biochem exam section requires students to apply content knowledge and reasoning skills to unfamiliar scenarios.  In this class, you will learn how to read passages without getting buried in the details, how to refrain from over-generalizations, and when to stop working on a question and move on.  We will provide you with resources on the key metabolic pathways.

Coming Soon

We'll be adding more timeslots, so make sure to check back soon!