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The content provides an in-depth exploration of spherical mirrors, focusing on the behavior of light rays and the formation of images by converging and diverging mirrors.
  • Explains the process of drawing light rays for converging mirrors with the object at its focus, outside the focus, and inside the focus, detailing how each scenario affects image formation.
  • Introduces the thin spherical mirror equation (1/o + 1/i = 1/f) as a tool to calculate image location and characteristics, demonstrating its application across different mirror setups.
  • Distinguishes between real and virtual images based on the side of the mirror on which they form and whether they result from actual or extrapolated light paths.
  • Explores the concept of magnification (m = -i/o) to determine the size and orientation of the formed images relative to the objects.
  • Examines diverging mirrors, highlighting the differences in light ray behavior and image formation compared to converging mirrors.
Converging Mirror with Object at Focus
Converging Mirror Outside the Focus
Converging Mirror Inside the Focus
Diverging Mirror Analysis