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How to Memorize Biological Collections

This lesson provides essential strategies and insights for studying biology for the MCAT, focusing on understanding the test's structure, memorization techniques, and the importance of foundational concepts.
  • Understanding the AAMC's perspective and the foundational concepts tested in the biology section is crucial for effective study.
  • Memorization plays a significant role in MCAT preparation, with flashcards recommended for mastering collection-based and process-based topics.
  • High-yield topics such as amino acids, cell types, and hormones are critical for scoring well in the biology section.
  • Organized study methods, including the use of flashcards and post-it notes, can enhance recall and recognition of key concepts.
  • Engaging with various resources, including online games and websites, can supplement traditional study methods and provide additional practice.
Understanding the Test Makers' Perspective
Foundational Concepts in Biology
Memorization Techniques for Biology
High-Yield Topics and Study Strategies

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Due to its length, this lesson had to be split into 2 parts. 

Resources for learning Amino Acids: 

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Amino Acid Matching Game       More Practice

Resource for Learning Hormones 

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